Tuesday, 24 January 2012

In the editing room with Jordan Reynolds

In the editing room putting the project together, i am working on final cut Pro instead of express. It has a slightly different layout but still similar. Its nice to see a project come together seeing the idea form, very rewarding.The first stage of editing was to upload all of the footage selcet the ones needed draging them onto the time line and create a story. Its improtant to select the right shots and make sure the shots are well framed and work.

In this screen shot you are able to see the comparison of before and after editing. The original footage is well framed but i wanted to create the cinematic film feel and also make the footage look gritty and dark. I did this by adding contrast lowering saturation and having a letter box effect over it. 

This is where I put a letter box over the footage. There is a setting that once the film is finished you can render in a letter box effect however this squashes the footage I wanted to crop in a bit so using the crop function in motion I cropped the top and the bottom by 10 which frames the footage making it look alot more pleasing to look at.

This is Colour Correction 3-way it is a brilliant way of controlling all of the colours. So there are 3 different colour circles. There is one for blacks mids and whites, some of the shots needed to be edited using this but mainly i used the saturation bar and lowered it to just over half way from middle to full saturation.

I added a audio file for music in my piece. It was hard finding royalty free music and i wanted a instrumental piece, either violin or piano. I looked at Mozart and Beethoven, in the end i found a great piece by Beethoven called string quartet in c sharp minor which is a violin piece that suits the mood of my opening.

I created the title on Live Type. This was my first time using Live Type, at first its difficult but once i messed around on it i understood how to get what i wanted from the program. Basically its similar to editing footage because of the time line set up. I wanted the title to be clean cut so fades in and out with a quote from William Shakespeare which is conventional with the war genre to have a famous quote about war, death etc.

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