Sunday, 22 April 2012

Evaluation Questions and Power Point

1.       In what way does your media project use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real made products?

War as a genre isn’t the easiest to talk about. Compared to other genres there isn’t scope to create something new and different. The war genre is restricted to parts of historical events that have happened and to go into wars of the future would then be considered as sci-fi. What I have done with my introduction of my war film is to obviously use as many of the conventions as possible to match those of a real made product however I introduce the story with one character on their own, normally in the war genre it is about comradeship and a band of brothers but with this I introduce only one character in the woodland lost and psychologically damaged.

 My inspiration for the idea of a single soldier running was from a short clip in Band of brothers which I talked about earlier on in my blog. With my introduction I wanted to get a sense that this person isn’t really getting anywhere. I wanted intense running scenes. I also admired the use of editing in terms of saturation and the contrast, the gritty effect adds to the atmosphere for the audience.

Attention to detail is very important and the way they are portrayed. The 2007 film Atonement starring James McAvoy is a good example of my main character. I picked my actor because of a certain look he has. Blue eyes blond hair and that the British look is why I chose him. Make-up was important the character has to look tired and dirty so that it gives connotations of the character living outside in the open, seeing a lot of action and a lived feel. In terms of costume I have done research on everything they wear during the second world war. Everything has been thought of you can see my footage at the bottom which closly matches whay James McAvoys character is wearing (might be slightly different because of the few year gap in which my film and attonement is set). The costume consists of 1940s officers battle dress with shirt and trousers, ammo boots, beret, 37 pattern web set including water bottle, badges on arm of the paratrooper brigade, Lee Enfield rife etc. The costume has been thought of and is historically accurate which is important because you want the audience to believe the time period of the 40s and be sucked into that world. Audiences enjoy attention to detail because it makes the film more realistic and believable. In my introduction I cutaway to a type writer and documents that I pan across.

The main focus of my introduction is to have opening credits all I am giving away about the story is when it is set which is the Second World War and the single character I am introducing. The panning over documents allows me to use it for putting credits over so I don’t interrupt the scenes the character too much. I don’t have any reference to the idea of panning over objects it was a creative idea that I had which I thought would work and it did because of the composition which flows through to the whole opening.

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