Saturday, 24 December 2011


Problems that Occurred

There has been a few problems when production started. The first was one of my main actors is in Dubai for longer than he first thought. The deadline for filming and production is the 4th of January  however he will not be back until the 10th of January. This poses a big problem, how I am going to tackle this is to have him record the narration that is needed (see screenplay) and send the audio file and that will get that out of the way. There are a few scenes in the flashback that I intended for him to be in so I am either going to wait until he is available or get one of my other actors to take his place. Another problem is that another two of my actors are away for a week of the Christmas holidays which is another inconvience there is nothing I can do about that so i will have to film on a weekend when they are back. Actors what are they like!

Good News

Filming stated on the 23rd of December and went very well, i managed to get all the shots i needed for that particular part of the opening. I will need to pick up one of the shots because the camera picked up some unnatural blues which were noticeable to myself I will need to check the footage again to make sure. I viewed each shot through my laptop onto my LCD TV via a HDMI cable, pure HD goodness. All the shots were crisp and worked it was pleasing to see that something in production is going very well.

Something I found slightly difficult was shooting the running scenes and making them  look good, on the day I wore footwear that was appropriate for the weather and condition of the ground but not for running with the camcorder with the actor.I think i need a few more close ups

I had about 80 shots that day in the end and there is still about another two days of filming left so I should have plenty once I start editing, just want to make sure it is perfect, its looking good so far so please keep viewing to check for updates

Jordan Reynolds

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