Friday, 11 November 2011

Analysis of Openings

Analysis of Openings 

Band of Brothers - Episode 5 "Crossroads" (Running Time of Clip 0.34 Seconds) Directed by Tom Hanks

This is an analysis of the opening of an episode in HBOs Band of Brothers. This is the opening after the initial opening credits which are used at the start of each episode. I wanted to focus on the actual live action opening side of it because it relates strongly to what I want to create for my opening. Also the way that this scene has been edited, it is the same style I want to use.  So the scene starts off with a close up of a Sharpe object (bayonet), the camera movement is lose and shaky creating the effect on the audience that they are there with him the camera moves across the body and cuts to different parts, the piece is very intense and builds up tension. The camera doesn’t show the subjects face in the whole clip this makes the man more mysterious. The editing style is something I would like to incorporate in my opening. The colours have been saturated creating a bleak, dull almost lifeless feel. There is a slight contrast to add shadow and there is fast paced editing been used to create intensity and a build up to the point where the character stops and shoots the young German soldier.

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