Friday, 11 November 2011

Initial idea

Initial idea 

I want the film opening to be set in the 1940s during The Second World War. It will focus on a British Paratrooper and I want to create a fast exciting action scene. The first 60 seconds I want to have the opening credits, they should include, starring, casting, production design, producer, written by and directed then title, the first 60 seconds should be artistic shots so a range of good framed shots and should include main characters flashbacks. The next 60 seconds should be high paced editing action sequence. I want it all to be live action shots. So to sum up the story a soldier having flashbacks of his friends dying then the soldier running through field then woodland explosions in background shooting Germans then bayoneting the last one and a big pause and facial reactions of both characters to show the emotional feelings being shown of the two characters.

For the second half of my film opening I want it to look like the opening of an episode in Band of Brothers it is the closes example of the same genre and similar style of editing I want to incorporate into my opening. I want the character in my opening to be running I want to build up tension and I want it to be fast and exciting as possible to keep the audience interested. It may be slightly ambitious but I want to have explosions and smoke, I will be able to achieve this by purchasing smoke bombs and the explosions could possibly be done on Final Cut.

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