Monday, 14 November 2011

Official Poster

This is my Official Film Poster for The Courage of Men. I created the poster because I feel it adds a realism to the project and its nice to show some promotional methods and how it will look. I made the poster by initially gonging out for a photo shoot on location and taking about 200 photograph's. The next step was to whittle down the best ones for a poster. I planned on cutting out the character but I decided it was not needed so I just edited the photo on Photoshop changing the saturation down adding bit of contrast shadow and highlights. There is a slight vignette on the image. The next step was to position the text in the appropriate places. The title font was downloaded from and is called Downcome. The credit block makes the poster feel much more professional and i used the font Steel Tongs.  I found a verse from William Shakespeare which i felt would work as a tag line and it fitted in with the genre of War. 

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