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Costume and Props

Costume and Props

Costume is very important in the war genre because it uses military equipment that has been used in history. The character in my film is British and the film is set in the 40s so it will need to be what was worn during the Second World War. I have done extensive research of what was worn by British soldiers during The Second World. There were two different patterns during the conflict, 37pattern and 44pattern (pattern is basically a different type of clothing, this means it has been updated, the number before pattern indicates the year made e.g. 37 pattern = 1937 pattern) so what does my character need to wear.
Costume Includes

  •           37 Pattern Officers Battledress
  •         37 Pattern Battledress Trousers
  •          Battle Dress Shirt
  •          British Ammo Boots
  •          37 Pattern Webbing
  •          Lee Enfield 303 Bandolier
  •          Beret
The costume helps the audience to visualize and makes the film much more believable.  It is also important in the war genre because war films tend to be wars that have happened in history so getting the details correct is essential.
Again in the war genre props are very important the most iconic is the gun. Weapons add a sense of danger to the character, they are able to kill and harm without it they are vulnerable to others that have them. Props help to further the story.
Props Include

  •           Lee Enfield Rife
  •          Sten Sub-machine gun
  •         Bayonet
  •         Sniper Rife
  •         Bullet Rounds
  •         Empty Bullet Rounds
  •         Ammo Box
  •         Helmet
Again props help the story to develop and give a wider scope of potential shots in the opening

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