Friday, 11 November 2011

Looking at Directors

There are a lot of directors that have inspired me to get into a career in the film industry. This post will explore a few of the directors that have inspired me because of there style of filming and film production.

Peter Jackson 

Peter Jackson personally to me has been the most inspirational film director. He is a New Zealand film director best known for District 9, King Kong, Lovely Bones and the adaption of J.R.R.Tolkiens novel The Lord of the Rings,  The Return of the King picked up 11 oscars in 2003 including best director. What i like about Peter Jackson is his attitude to his work and style.  He is very much a perfectionist and has a good eye for detail which is the same attitude i have with my film work. What I will do when it comes to filming the opening is making sure that everything is how I want it, the costume will be rechecked to make sure that everything is is here it should be on the actor, making sure that the props and other detail are positioned to make it look realistic and the location fits in with the story I am going to convey. To me everything has to match what I visualize in my head, i want to make the audience see my idea come to life. If there's one thing i have learnt from Peter Jackson is to do another take, even if the shot is perfect and I am happy with it it never hurts to do it again because it may have a slightly different feel to the previous one but to also make sure I am getting the very best from my actors.

Guy Ritchie 

Guy Ritchie is another director which I enjoy watching his films because of the cleaver story lines that occur in all of his films.  He is best know for films such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsSnatchRevolverRocknRolla and Sherlock Holmes. Lock Stock and Snatch are one of my favourite films, i really enjoy the story line and the characters are all interesting.  NOTFINISHED 

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