Friday, 11 November 2011

Change In Initial Idea / Storyboard / Shot by Shot Explanation

Change In Initial Idea

There hasn't been a major change in the idea however I will go through it again. The story is about paratroopers during the 1940s (Second World War) it follows five paratroopers that have been dropped into Occupied Normandy named Operation F.O.Y. They are dropped with 4 other groups in Normandy, their objectives are to destroy small outposts bridges and to cause chaos behind enemy lines. The story is about there friendship and the realities of warfare and how it effects the soldier psychological . The opening scene will be of a type writer and will have shots of old newspapers, photos and other objects from the 40s this is where most of the opening credits will appear on these shots as the opening cutsaway to a set to a actor. The other half is of Edward Collings one of the main characters on his own in a woodlen running desperately trying to find the rest of his unit, this flips the conventions of a soldier normally they would all be togeather but in this situation he is alone. This makes the audience wonder how he got into that situation. So both scences will tie togeather giving cutaways enableing more credit placement.


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